Celebrities on their first music festival


From The Telegraph:

As the festival season begins, celebrities share their first experience of music in a muddy field.

KT Tunstall: T in the Park 1996
I was 21, and singing with King Creosote in his band at the time. We played the Ceilidh Tent, then stayed on to watch a ridiculously good line-up: Radiohead, Beck and The Chemical Brothers. I remember my mate climbing a tent pole when Keanu Reeves’s band were playing and shouting “I love you Keenu!” and lots of p—– off girls shouting back, “it’s Ke-AAA-nu!” I made a pact with myself that weekend: I would only go to a festival if I could get a gig at it. It took me nearly 10 years to get back to T in the Park, but I did it.”

Fran Healy: T in the Park 1994
We played a tiny gig in between comedians in the comedy tent. Our drummer had just broken his leg so he played with a huge cast sticking out behind the drums. It was the year that Oasis played and they were amazing – up there in my top gigs of all time. It’s bizarre to think that five years after that we were headlining. If you’d have told me that at the time I would have gone ‘nahh, don’t be silly’.

Alison Moyet: Rock Against Racism 1978
I was 16 and travelled on a bus with a crowd of Basildon punks and hippies to join the march through east London, which culminated with a concert at Victoria Park. X-Ray Spex, The Clash, the Tom Robinson Band and Steel Pulse were in the line up. I was exhilarated and scared – I had never seen so many people. At the front, watching The Clash, I felt the current of life suck us into a single animal.

Michael Attenborough: Newbury Jazz & Blues Festival 1968
I was 17 or 18 and my standout memory is seeing the wonderful blues signer Julie Driscoll, accompanied by Arthur Brown on organ. When they sang ‘Fire’ Arthur Brown’s head literally caught fire – all these flames shot out the top of his head. It was absolutely bonkers but an extraordinary moment.

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