Sweden maps out digital radio future, plans to close FM Radio by 2022

From PSN Europe:

The Swedish government has announced plans for the digitisation of the country’s terrestrial radio networks, with the ultimate aim of shutting down FM transmissions by 2022. Public broadcaster Swedish Radio (SR) will move to DAB+, financing the transition with a loan from the National Debt Office.

Sweden was in the vanguard of digital radio when, at the same time as the UK, it adopted DAB during 1995. While Britain pushed on with the implementation of the technology and broadcasters established digital-only stations, Sweden slowed its development of DAB networks, to the point where only 35 percent of the country was covered by SR’s digital broadcasts.

With SR’s present licence expiring on 31 December this year, the proposal is that it will expand its digital coverage to 95 percent over the course of the next licensing period, from 2014 to 2020. Pilot DAB+ transmissions began in 2009; the following year the then new Radio and TV Act allowed commercial radio broadcasters to apply for digital licenses. After this DAB+ coverage rose to 22 percent of the population with 16 services from public service, commercial and local community radio stations.

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