A short film from behind the scenes at the Black Sabbath 13 album cover shoot

Zip commissioned photographer Jonathan Knowles to capture the burning 13 for Black Sabbath’s long awaited album. Shot on location in the freezing Buckinghamshire countryside, the glowing wicker 13 could be seen for miles across the frozen landscape. The final artwork can be seen on zipdesign.co.uk

Black Sabbath Creating the Cover from Zip Design on Vimeo.

Black Sabbath’s “13” reached No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 155,000 copies sold in the United States during its first week out. The album marks Black Sabbath’s first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard chart and remarkably it’s only the band’s second Top 10 entry (1971’s “Master of Reality” hit No. 8). Earlier in the week, “13” also topped the UK chart, making it the band’s first album to hit No. 1 on that tally since 1970’s “Paranoid.”