Should YouTube stars forget about CPMs, sell handbags instead?


From Paid Content:

No matter how many times we hear reports that hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube creators are making a comfortable living from their channels, recent discussions triggered by Jason Calacanis have brought up again the importance of creators pursuing more revenue streams than just the profits made from pre-roll ads on YouTube.

Those alternate revenue streams take on many forms: Live showsdirect sponsorship deals with brands, even t-shirts. New on the scene is Subblime, which bills itself as “a community where you can connect with people that inspire you and discover the things they’re crazy about.”

Recently launched, the site currently hosts pages for fewer than 20 creators, who share everything from their favorite skirts to crossfit essentials to camera equipment and electronics. It’s impossible not to see the potential for other creators, gender or personal brand aside — the value of a service like this for anyone from Wil Wheaton to Epic Meal Time is quite clear — especially if they’re drawing revenue from these affiliate links.

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