Pandora Goes Beyond Music with Spoken Word: The Comedy Genome Project


From Forbes:

Pandora’s personalized playlist algorithm is an effective predictive model for millions of its users. Called the “Music Genome Project,” the company’s 2012 10K says that there are “over 1,000,000 uniquely analyzed songs from 100,000 artists spanning over 500 genres.” And the company takes the job of analyzing seriously, having hired a team of music experts who typically have four-year degrees in music theory before they are brought on board and trained in the Music Genome’s “precise methodology.”

Since May 2010, Pandora has a little start up inside its bigger start up: They have been developing a spoken word content area leveraging their technology via Comedy. The volume of content included is considerably smaller for the “Comedy Genome Project,” with 1,700 comedians on 25,000 tracks; with this relatively small data set, it will be harder to create as accurate a predictive model as their music product apparently enjoys.

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