Straight talk from Indie singer-songwriter Animalia

Jill Krasnicki (better known as Animalia) lives in Toronto and, although I’ve never met her or seen her live, sounds like she’s on the right track:

From The Winehouse Magazine:

With the growth of the Internet and professional recording equipment becoming cheaper and better, the music industry has undergone some dramatic changes. Musicians have been given more opportunities to get their music heard, but those opportunities have created more people making music, and artists are left battling one another, trying to scramble their way to the top of the heap.

With the insanely fast turn over of “what’s hot and what’s not,” musicians need to constantly reach out to their fans and keep them engaged if they wish to maintain the attention.

With more bands, artists and music, musicians need to be self-reliant since landing a big record deal has become far more difficult. Today’s indie musician is not just a musician—s/he is a promoter, a publicist, a booking agent and a manager. Most musicians will also edit and shoot their own videos, record and produce their own music and develop and design their own website. Today’s indie musician spends more time on the Internet than they do on their instrument.

“Today’s indie musician spends more time on the Internet than they do on their instrument.”

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