For those of you who think typing “the” takes too much time, there’s an app for that

From The Daily Dot:

Ever wished there was a shorter way to say “the”? If you have, you are one rare specimen—and Paul Mathis has just the app and the letter (“Ћ”) for you.

Per Square Media released a video in April, and it’s been circulating on the Internet again recently, asking why “and” gets a symbol in the form of “&” (the ampersand) but “the,” which is the most used word in the English language, still takes up three whole letters. The company also bought a domain but hasn’t used it yet. It claims “Ћ” is the “next step in communication evolution.”

It seems the idea is the work of Australian restaurateur Mathis. He’s the primary investor and idea man behind creating the symbol that crams “T” and “h” together and eliminates the need for “the.”

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