Video: Amputee Duck Walks For The First Time With A 3D-Printed Foot


Buttercup 3D printed foot

“My name is Buttercup and when I hatched my left foot was turned backwards.” And so begins the story of Buttercup, the boy duck with a brand-new 3D printed foot.

Shortly after birth in November of last year, Buttercup’s backwards foot was amputated: His caretaker told CNET that leaving it backwards would likely result in a lifetime of complications, including infections.

But Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Arlington, TN, reasoned that a 3D-printed foot would work better than a ducky peg leg, and found volunteers to help make that dream a reality. And so now, still shy of his first birthday but quite the handsome plucky fellow, Buttercup is now able to walk like a duck: