Does this study prove Malcolm Gladwell was right about social media and revolutions?


From The Daily Dot:

Three years after its publication, one of the most controversial articles ever written about social media just found some unexpected support. A team of researchers has discovered that Twitter did not create new activists during the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In other words, Malcolm Gladwell was right.

The Occupy movement, which arose from seemingly nowhere to protest the rapacious capitalism of American financial markets, was hailed as a Twitter-powered social movement, uniting strangers around the world under a common cause.

Did social media really create the movement, however? Researchers from Indiana University randomly sampled 25,000 Occupy tweeters and analyzed their relationships to one another before and after the movement started. Those on Twitter who were actively participating, they concluded, tended to be “highly interconnected users with pre-existing interests in domestic politics and foreign social movements.”

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