Why Music Fests Like Bonaroo, Coachella Are Turning Away Big-Name Sponsors


From AdAge:

Premier music festivals can rake in $1 million or more by selling stage-naming rights to corporate sponsors. But some top-grossing festivals are keeping brand names off the stage and closer to the crowds for a more interactive experience.

“When it comes to sponsorships, there needs to be a value proposition for all the stakeholders, the audience being No. 1,” said Richard Goodstone, co-founder of Superfly Productions, co-creator of Bonnaroo. “If we took our main stage and put a brand in there, I couldn’t justify the value to the overall fan experience.”

“Stage sponsorships are a big moneymaker, but our position has been that when you get 20,000 people in a field and they’re looking at brand marketing, they’re not focused on the editorial experience of the festival — the music, ” said Matt Frampton, VP-advertising, Pitchfork Media.

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