Bobcat Goldwait Coaches Kurt Cobain Through Birth In Rare “In Utero” Promo From Nirvana

Nirvana have announced plans to reissue their classic album In Utero later this year.

The band’s 1993 collection – which was produced by Steve Albini – might contain new tracks and should definitely have a remastered sound for a re-release in September to mark its 20th anniversary.

Nirvana’s official Facebook page hinted further at the re-release by posting a trailer for the collection, which features original footage of late member Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic giving birth in school.

And the Bobcat Goldwait connection? During the fall of 1993, Goldthwait performed stand up material as an opening act for Nirvana on what would be their final North American tour, angering audiences in Chicago after making a joke about Michael Jordan’s recently murdered father. Goldthwait also appeared in a promo video for the band’s album In Utero, and once fooled an interviewer during a phone interview, impersonating Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.