How music gives IVF eggs good vibrations by making them more likely to get fertilised


From The Daily Mail:

It is known as the food of love – and now it has emerged that music may boost the odds of IVF success.
Playing music to an egg in a dish in an IVF lab increased the chances of it being fertilised by 5 per cent, a study found.

The Spanish researchers believe that the tiny vibrations produced by music give fertilisation a helping hand.
They think the vibrations may ease the passage of nutrients into the egg and speed the removal of toxic waste, so increasing the odds of fertilisation taking place and the embryo surviving.

While fully-grown humans may be fussy about the type of music they listen to, embryos aren’t so picky. Pop, classical and heavy metal were equally good, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual conference in London heard.

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