Streaming Now Accounts for 66% of All Music Sales In Norway

From Digital Music News:

That’s according to IFPI Norway, which just shared music sales stats for the first half of 2013. This is a streaming figure that is now hyper-exploding: according to the top-level data, streaming accounted for ‘just’ 46 percent of total music (ie, recording) sales in 2012.

Now, it’s two-thirds of the entire music sales pie in 2013.

The streaming surge has caused an outrageous 17 percent gain in music sales in Norway. But it’s clearly starving almost every other format: according to the data, downloads are down a drastic 21 percent over the same point last year. Physical sales, already in deep trouble, plunged 29 percent.
Which makes the overall pie look like this for the past six months.


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