12 Ways Bands & Brands Are Standing Out On Warped Tour


By indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz). From Hypebot

It’s Warped Tour season again, which means your favorite band you never heard of will be hustling amongst over 100 other bands in parking lots all across the country. Since I was on the beloved tour last year on a side stage and sitting in with various kick ass bands like BallyHoo! and Captain Capa, I have learned that this place is the best world to figure out your own DIY tactics.

Since I have been hangin’ out with my homies here and rejoicing like the middle school dances we never had, I need to shed some light on the ultimate hand to fan combat. There are some really good people out here.

Here are a list of 12 things bands/brands are doing to stand out!

1. Sell it for $1 dollar. – Why not sell something for $1? Everyone wants something to take home. If you sell it for $1, you work an exchange of income and they also remember you selling something for $1.

2. Have a little boom box stuffed animal named Pickles – MC LARS is crushing the game with his future kids show, and if you ever get to see someone with a stuffed animal rapping, or even skunking on stage (the ska version of dancing). If you don’t have a stuffed animal make another make shift device that grabs people’s attention. I would probably have a stuffed animal pickle named Kosha Dillz Jr. or something. But mind you, the youth really attract to soft and cuddly. I think we all do.

3. BE HARD CORE and Make More – Mac Lethal doesn’t even have a big tent. He is a fighter and a hard core simple tent person. Screw a fancy tent with flags of freedom and beautiful design. Be a punk rock pancake rapping bastard and sell everything at real #s. All bands should take notes.

4. Offer them $1 to make a holler – Not to say how many people are converted into vegetarians, but to pay people $1 to watch what happens in 4 minutes to animals will make you not want to eat meat ever again. I ate a burger afterwards but I appreciate a good kosher burger when I can get one. Imagine if I gave everyone $1 to rage out for 4 minutes and shot a free music video. Imagine if I gave away 50 cents for a Facebook like. You’d make a lot of new fans.

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