VIDEO: Low’s one song set at Rock the Garden

“Drone, not drones.”

“It was just kind of a weird atmosphere, people coming in during the rain, not really knowing where to go. And then we found out our set had to be a little shorter than planned, to get the schedule on track. So we decided to try to do something beautiful.”

From The Star Tribune:

Their van hadn’t even made it back to Duluth on Saturday night, and Alan Sparhawk was already well aware of the high amount of speculation, confusion, anger and/or admiration he and his Low bandmates caused with their highly unusual set that afternoon at Rock the Garden.

“We weren’t really trying to do anything ‘punk’ or pull one over on people,” Sparhawk insisted, talking by cell from his van just after the concert wrapped at 10 p.m. Adding one of several lighthearted comments on the matter, he said, “We tried but couldn’t get Prince to come out and play guitar on ‘On My Own,’ so we came up with other plans.”

Playing to possibly their biggest crowd ever in Minnesota, the trio churned out possibly their most divisive and daring set ever Saturday. As is recounted in the review from the concert — and reflected in the reader comments underneath — they played a sparse, slow, droning, extended version of their already sparse, slow and lengthy 1996 tune “Do You Know How to Waltz?,” stretching it to almost 30 minutes with long, echoy hums and dissonant guitar noise here and there. That was it. That was their set.