How one company is helping small musicians find ‘buried treasure’ in YouTube royalties

From The Verge:

One of YouTube’s longest-standing problems is attribution — with the huge amount of user-generated videos being uploaded, it’s a major challenge to keep on top of what has been licensed properly and what hasn’t. This extends to audio, as well; plenty of videos are shared with unlicensed soundtracks. That’s a particular problem for smaller artists without the backing of a major record company or publisher, so a New York startup called Audiam is filling the gap. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Audiam just completed a test case with composer Scott Schreer, a musician who has written some 1,700 instrumental tracks that he licenses to film and TV producers. Thanks to Audiam, Schreer’s catalog is now bringing in about $30,000 each month — 25 percent of which goes to the company as a fee for handling the intricacies of licensing.

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