Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Agree to White House Plan to Combat Advertising on Pirate Sites

From Billboard:

An industry effort to stop advertisements from appearing on websites primarily devoted to piracy is winning applause from the White House, whose IP czar Victoria Espinel announced the news in a blog post on the White House website entitled “Coming Together to Combat Online Piracy and Counterfeiting.” The announcement received modest support from the Recording Industry and some concern from the Motion Picture Association.

AOL, Condé Nast, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are among the companies that have voluntarily agreed to “best practices” on this front. Each of the companies will maintain internal procedures designed to ensure that third-party websites deemed to be bad actors on the piracy front don’t benefit from ad revenue.

As spelled out in the guidelines, there’s an informal complaint process that will be set up whereby rights holders will be able to inform an ad network of a troublesome website. After the notice is received, Google and other ad networks are supposed to investigate the flagged website and make a determination. Although there’s no specific appeals process mentioned, the best practices hint that websites will be given the opportunity to make a counter-notice.

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