So, why is Moby only playing 3 tour dates in support of his latest album, Innocents?


The Daily Swarm asked him the same thing this week, and here’s his response. Poignant words, he’s got them.

1-the main reason: when i go on tour i stop writing music. some people are able to write music on tour. i, for the most part, am not. when i go on tour i spend thousands of hours sitting in cars, sitting in hotels, sitting in airports, etc, etc. i sit around reading crappy books and playing scrabble on my iphone. and when i’m home i get to spend all that time working on music and writing and taking pictures and making dumb little short movies. and my feeling is that life is short, so why not spend my time making things rather than sitting around in airports? and we’re going to be streaming the concerts, so in an odd way i think we’ll be able to reach more people than if i were to spend 6 months going from town to town.

2-i want to adopt dogs. and i don’t want to be an absentee dog dad.

3-i’ve been touring pretty steadily for the last 23 years. there’s nothing wrong with touring, but it does become kind of tautological. i’m interested to see what it’s like to spend a few years not living in hotel rooms. i’ll be playing the shows at a venue I’ve chosen mainly because it’s old and beautiful and iconic, and within walking distance to my house.

4-i think those are the 3 main reasons.