Watch “Grace” From Devin Townsend’s Retinal Circus DVD/BluRay

From Metal Sucks:

Devin Townsend’s Retinal Circus production in London last year was quite the spectacle, and now he’s bringing all the glory right into your home via a DVD/BluRay that will presumably come out later this year.

Here’s Devin himself on the current status of the project and what’s gone into it so far:

So closing in on 8 months of work, we’re almost finished with the Retinal Circus! It’s been a huge amount of work for everyone, from the show, down to DVD & Blu-ray authoring, artwork, logistics…(not to mention the show itself!) but we’re almost there, and when watched in its entirety, it’s really a heck of an experience!
To tie you over until it’s out, here’s a clip of the song ‘Grace’…It’s out of context obviously, but hopefully gives you a vague idea of what’s about to come out.

It’s been a ton of work for everybody and we’re really quite proud of it…when the final products have been produced, we’ll let you know!

Fun! Whew!!!