Noel Gallagher: Love is… lending your best trainers


From The Independent:

“When I gave up drugs I had to obsess about something, and I’m not into cars, not into jewellery and all that kind of thing, and I had loads of guitars, so I set off on a quest to collect adidas trainers,” says Noel Gallagher. Adidas was a central part of the Oasis look, along with a Beatles mop of hair and Lambretta jackets. For the young Gallagher brothers, the sports brand symbolised youth culture.

Years later, with the pair selling millions of records and playing to sold-out stadiums as Oasis, Gallagher admits he would spend hours scouring sports shops for trainers instead of sound-checking and doing interviews. “I had silly amounts – you couldn’t open a cupboard without 20 pairs of adidas trainers falling out.” And he laughs as he admits trying to hide his trainers from his wife by having two pairs in each box.

He ended up with more than 100 pairs of trainers, but several years ago decided to scale back his collection. “I kept the best ones back, I’ve probably got about 20 or 30 real vintage pairs, and I put the rest back out there – I gave them to charity shops. Funnily enough when I go to Camden market I still see some of my pairs there and I’ve been very tempted to buy them back.”

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