Pitchfork CEO: Reviewing music in a digital age


From MarketPlace:

Pitchfork is the music website often credited with launching the careers of indie rock bands like Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. And while making some names big, they’ve stayed pretty successful as well — pulling in more than 1 million unique visitors a month.

Ryan Schreiber began the website back in the 1990s, and continues as its CEO today. “For the first four years, it wasn’t even really what you might consider a business,” he said. “It was just me back in the period, and anybody else who wanted to write for it.”

He said one advantage Pitchfork has over the monthly print music magazines was not having to focus on traffic and big names to put on newsstands. “Who they would put on the covers, for example, would be tied to who’s going to sell the most issues. And for us, it’s like we get to have a different cover every single day — because we have five record reviews a day — so we’re able to give the same type of treatment to the White Stripes and Radiohead as we do to brand new emerging artists.”