Great Video Interview on Digital Transformation for Radio and Media

Mark Ramsey ( talks with Chad Robley, Founder and CEO of Mindgruve (, one of the nation’s fastest growing independent digital marketing agencies. He has worked with companies such as Proctor & Gamble, House of Blues, Oracle, Merck and Live Nation.

It’s part of hivio 2013 (, the first-ever radio ideas festival.

Some highlights:
“Content is going to be one of the most important things we do as an agency – creating content for our clients.” And how do they integrate their content into the everyday lives of their consumers? Just speaking at them doesn’t work. Traditional media are in a great position because they already have an engaged audience and brand equity and reach. That provides an opportunity and an obligation to build on that engagement. What happens when brands become publishers and publishers become “media”? What experience Chad had in building the original platform for Radio’s Jim Rome. “As Big Radio got a hold of it, they started to unravel the whole thing.” The importance of getting your head out of radio to do better radio. What is a brand, anyway? It’s the relationship you have with consumers, and you don’t own it. More companies need to behave like startups. Talent today wants to work in a culture of innovation. Apps: Just because you have one doesn’t mean folks will use it – is there some utility that only an app can solve for that nobody else is providing now? Strategy is not building things on Facebook and Twitter; Strategy is finding the highest and best use for your budget. All great brands are real – they solve real problems and create real emotion and an experience. That’s what every broadcaster must strive for.”

Mindgruve CEO Chad Robley talks Digital Transformation for Radio and Media – Q&A from hivio 2013 from Mark Ramsey on Vimeo.