Which music fans are most likely to get speeding tickets?


From The Globe And Mail:

Kanetix.ca, an online comparison site for insurance, mortgages and credit cards, commissioned a survey of 1,000 Canadian drivers who were asked how music impacts their driving habits.

The findings, for the most part, were in tune with stereotypical beliefs about the effects of each genre of music. However, there was the occasional surprisingly off-key note.

Forty-nine per cent of Folkies have never had a speeding ticket, compared to 37 per cent overall. They are also less likely to get pulled over – 38 per cent have been, compared to 26 per cent overall.

Alternative rockers were most likely to have never been at fault in a vehicle crash (55 per cent versus 47 per cent overall).

Talk Radio aficionados (49 per cent) and Metal heads (48 per cent) have had one-to-three speeding tickets, compared to 40 per cent of all drivers.

Drivers with four or more speeding tickets are more likely to listen to R&B (16 per cent), Classic Rock (12 per cent) or Country (11 per cent). The overall survey average is 9 per cent.

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