Car CD players head toward extinction


From The Courant:

In-dash CD players are going the way of Razor scooters, shell necklaces and Ja Rule. Automakers have predicted this for the better part of the past decade as car stereos augmented the standard CD player with auxiliary MP3 jacks, USB/iPod connectors and, eventually, streaming Bluetooth audio.

As far back as late 2011, market researcher NPD Group said nearly a third of people listened to music in their cars via smartphones or MP3 players. And this year, J.D. Power’s Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study found that as many people listen to CDs as external devices, like an iPod or a smartphone. In past APEAL studies, more drivers still listened to CDs.

“Will CD players go away completely? That is for our customers to decide,” Amy Marentic, Ford’s global car and crossover marketing manager, told us. “We monitor usage and will react accordingly.”

Hyundai agrees. Product Planning Director Scott Margason said the automaker is “tracking CD demand to determine application in the future.”

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