Peter Gabriel as a flower in Genesis’ “Supper’s Ready” from 1973

…and the full version here:

In the 40 years since Genesis’ tour in 1972-73, there’s never really been a more theatrical band since. Genesis with Peter Gabriel were visually and musically one of the most memorable live acts of the entire progressive rock era – what a step from this to Sledgehammer and Sussudio. Look for the “cosmic lawn mower” on the beginning and end of “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” and the stories Peter uses to introduce “Supper’s Ready”. The latter also features some of his most bizarre costumes, including a flower and a demon with flames in the background before he finally turns into a white-dressed, Messiah-like figure. The range of the costumes, as a frontman and songwriter, had grown several leaps and bounds from the first albums, and it was Peter’s dedication to insuring each song was lit in the minimalist settings used to its full potential. The end of the original group started here, as the rest of the band thought the costumes were overshadowing the music. In the end, though, the entire group made up of outsiders were validated with the millions of sales that were to come.