NASA’s Spaceship Factory Is So Unbelievably Huge, We Just All So Impressed Down Here


From Gizmodo:

Now that the Space Shuttle program is over, NASA is remodeling the Vehicle Assembly Building where they were built. It’s a huge building, one of the largest in the world. How huge? Here’s some info to (maybe) help put it into perspective:

* The VAB has the volume of three and a half Empire State Buildings
* Put another way, it would take 250 billion ping pong balls to fill the VAB. That’s 791 ping pong balls for every person in the United States
* The VAB has the largest doors in the world — 456 feet high. When they’re wide open, they take 45 minutes to close.
* The American Flag painted on the front of the VAB is 209 feet high. The blue field is the size of an NBA basketball court with stars six feet across.
* As for the VAB’s output, that includes 13 Saturn V rockets (used in Apollo and Skylab missions) and Space Shuttles that flew 135 missions.