Reasons Your Social Media Might Not Work Out the Way You Planned


From HubSpot:

Social media is the most volatile and unpredictable marketing channel we’ve ever seen. Each network is constantly being innovated, redesigned, or updated. It’s also one of the most powerful tools marketers can have in their arsenal — if you know how to use it right.

The best and brightest minds in social media perfected and refined their skills by getting their hands dirty in social media. Whether they failed hard or succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, their first-hand experiences taught them invaluable lessons. Having been on the front lines of social media marketing for the better part of a decade myself, I’ve had plenty of failures and successes that completely blind-sided me.

And I want to save you save you from the stress that accompanies some of those surprises. To help you avoid some common, and not so common, mistakes on social media, I put together this list revealing some of the hidden reasons why your social media efforts might not be working out exactly as you hoped.

1) You’ve Assumed Your Audience Is All the Same

While we may have incredible insight into our audience, we’ll never be able to make everyone happy at the same time. While marketing to the majority, you could lose sight of the impact the minority can have. Not pleasing every person in your audience is okay, but you still need to treat a one-to-one conversation with a follower like a real-life conversation. Social media software (like HubSpot’s Social Inbox) can make it easier to monitor and respond to relevant conversations with strangers, leads, and customers in your social media community.

2) You Aren’t Paying Attention to the World Around You

Breaking news may drastically affect how your content impacts your audience. Letting current events and product launches sneak up on you can make your marketing feel all out of wack. One news story could present a significant opportunity for your social strategy — so staying up on the latest trends is essential.

3) It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

Social media is a full-time job — marketers who try to take it on as one of the many tasks on their to-do list might be surprised that they’re struggling to tread water. If you want to really generate and nurture leads through social media, do your brand a favor and find a smart, dedicated social media manager who knows how to use social media to form real relationships with your audience members.

4) The Same Piece of Content Isn’t Successful on Every Platform

The best content creators in the world know that each medium requires a different approach; the same is true for social media. The copy you used for that incredibly successful tweet might not strike home with your Facebook audience, or your wildly successful Facebook meme could be completely ignored, or even despised, on other social networks. If you can provide engaging, relevant content to the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time, you’ll have hit the social media marketing jackpot!

5) You’re More Clever Than You Thought

Sometimes a simple observation or just a unique choice of words is enough to set the social web off with uncontrollable laughter. Harnessing those clever thoughts, and your following might thank you for it.

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