0UTLAW3D: The vanity licence plates the Ontario government won’t let you see

From The Toronto Star:

Nearly a third of the 3,315 rejected applications were refused on the criterion of “clarity and readability.” This vague category seemingly included applications from rednecks, figments of the imagination and astronomers with plate requests like HO5ER, A.BATMAN, 2THF4IRY, and ST4RG4ZR.

Predictably the second and third most-censored categories were plates that revolved around themes of religion and sex.

DMONSEED and LUC1F3R were deemed too evil. NIHILIST and AGNOSTIC too honest, and JAWS2GOD and APOKLPSE too unthinkable.

The sex-related plates were a bit too racy to print, readers can search that category in the database to find out what they are.

FUHABS, HAULA55 and GO.LKHEL were deemed offensive. Plates like R3DN3CK1, GAYDAR.1, TRIPLEK and ARYANN too discriminatory.

And no doubt Toronto’s drug dealers are disappointed their requests for plates like GOTSPEED, B.JUICED, ILOVCOKE and SPD4WEED were rejected.

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