Anthony Weiner gets into trouble after texts. No, not that one.


This is not the scandal you think it is.

A different man named Anthony Weiner is in trouble with the law after a series of text conversations, and also has a history of issues associated with his marriage, The Salem News reports. But don’t worry–he isn’t running for office.

This second Anthony Weiner, a 25-year-old Massachusetts man who shares a name with embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, was arrested on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and battery with the intent to intimidate and cause bodily injury, among others, according to a police brief in the Revere Journal. The Salem News reported Weiner’s arrest came after he assaulted a man who supposedly sent text messages to his wife.

According to The Salem News, Weiner allegedly used his wife’s phone to send text messages to a 21-year-old Winthrop man to lure him to a house on Malden Street in Revere, where he then tied him to a chair, hit him in the head with a baseball bat, threatened him with a screw gun and BB gun, then gave him money and put him in a cab after the man vomited from his injuries. The unidentified man was hospitalized after the July 28 assault, prosecutors said.

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