TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek uses Soundcloud to give fans remix power on unreleased tracks

From Fast Company:

Federal Prism records made a splash by compiling an impressive roster that includes TV on the Radio, Kelis, CSS, and more–but the label’s next phase could be an even bigger deal.

“We live in a repurposed culture,” Dave Sitek says. “Old materials transform into new mediums.” He would know: As a founding member of Brooklyn-based indie rock band TV on the Radio, Sitek’s been responsible for creating the new, and as a producer, he’s crafted remixes that repurpose the compositions of artists from Beck to MF Doom to Nine Inch Nails.

Now, Sitek’s got a new project that combines both his enthusiasm for transforming raw materials into something new, and his passion for creating those original materials. Sitek’s record label, Federal Prism will release the raw materials for new, unreleased tracks–“stems”–and allow fans to have at them. Via SoundCloud, fans, remix artists, and aspiring producers will be able to access the stems for songs from all of the label’s artists including TV on the Radio, CSS, Freddie Gibbs, Kelis, Scarlet Johansson, Stardeath and the White Dwarves, and more.

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