Leadership Reflections From The Documentary 20 Feet From Stardom

From Forbes:

Did anyone else go see 20 Feet from Stardom?

This wonderful movie is about backup singers. Yes, backup singers. But you can also see this movie as a metaphor for the leader’s journey from being in the background as part of a group to being the one in charge. It’s about the leader’s ability to get the most out of her followers; and it’s about having the ego to think you can lead and inspire, while at times getting out of the spotlight to let others shine.

Bruce Springsteen starts off the move by talking about “the long walk” from behind the lead singer, singing in a group with the other backup singers, to being the lead singer yourself. Bruce says that it takes a shift in state of mind – that the change from being a backup singer to a lead singer is more psychological than anything else. The same can be said for the psychological transformation it takes to move from being an individual contributor, or a middle manager in a group of middle mangers, to being the one in charge. You need to change your mindset to be able to step into the spotlight after being in the background for so long.

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