New Order plays around at home in 1984 with real life “24 Hour Party People”

From MOJO Magazine:

Produced by the same Channel 4 team who’d worked on two of the channel’s early freeform yoof TV landmarks – Whatever You Want and Loose Talk – Play At Home bravely asked significant bands of the time to make a documentary about themselves and their home towns.

Playing like a real-life version of 24 Hour Party People (and doubtless an influence on Michael Winterbottom’s fictionalised 2002 account of Factory Records’ rise-and-fall), New Order Play At Home begins in the manner it intends to continue, with an American voice-over announcing “Factory Records! A partnership, a business, a joke!”

Interviewed naked in his bath by New Order’s Gilian Gilbert, Factory boss Tony Wilson comes across (doubtless intentionally) as wise, naive, arrogant, creepy, misguided and brilliant. He is both genius and fool, and the portrait that emerges of Factory Records is of a dream in chaos, one of the most depressingly honest accounts of a divisive record company ever put to film.