The 10-Minute, Never-Released Demo of The Beatles’ “Revolution”

Beatles fans still patiently waiting for Paul McCartney to release the bands 1967 sound collage Carnival of Light were surprised by an even better gift this weekend as a 10-minute version of The White Albums Revolution 1″ leaked onto the internet, giving fans a never-before-heard listen of what the White Album sessions must have been like. The track makes it clear why seemingly unrelated Revolution 1″ and the maniacal Revolution 9″ sound collage share the same name: In Revolution 1 (Take 20) John Lennon steers an extended, more experimental version of 1″ to its breaking point, using it as a conduit before launching into the avant-garde 9.

According to the Ateaseweb message board, the song first surfaced on an upcoming, Europe-only bootleg Revolution: Take Your Knickers Off, as nod to Lennon saying Take your knickers off and lets go before Revolution 1 (Take 20) started rolling. As for how the song leaked out, thats an even bigger mystery. According to Mark Lewisohns book The Beatles: Recording Sessions, only two copies of the take were made when recording the song was completed on June 4, 1968. One copy left the studio with Lennon that day, and the other remained behind. Its unclear which copy appears on the bootleg, nor how the Revolution makers even acquired it