Guy Surfs, Plays Guitar and Sings Otis Redding – All At The Same Time

IChris Hau recently filmed a series of videos of himself singing, playing guitar, and SURFING at the same time. This triple threat performance will be released on August 1st. Chris is a multitalented individual. He’s a surfer, musician, and producer of both his music and video content. As a recent graduate from Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media, Chris has been taught how to promote himself in unconventional ways, in order to differentiate himself. Chris calls it being, “The Purple Cow”. For the last six years, Chris has been on the forefront of the emerging sport of wakesurfing. He started surfing at the age of 15, which is also around the time he first picked up a guitar. Chris is now a three-time Ontario wakesurfing champion.

From age 15 Hau has played for audiences, been recording and released an EP entitled The Ambassador of Comfort in 2010. He even formed a band with his high school English teacher called The Bloody Five. After leaving the band, Hau has had a multitude of musically themed adventures: from performing with a guitar circle consisting of people ranging in age from seventeen to eighty, playing bass as a random substitute on a cruise ship with the house band, jamming on a beach in Turks and Caicos with a forty-year bonfire guitar veteran, or busking in the French Quarter of New Orleans.