Rising Stars of YouTube Learn to Cope With Fans, Fame

From The Wall Street Journal:

Anthony Quintal — 14 years old and the middle son of New Hampshire insurance agents — wanted to run away from the grown-ups. The fans kept slowing him down.

Anthony, a rising YouTube star, had traveled to VidCon, a conference that allowed him to meet viewers of his online diary entries face to face. There was only one problem: He had a father, a manager and a communications handler trailing him.

So he took off, weaving through the crowd and running up and down escalators. “Get out your running shoes!” shouted his dad, David Quintal, as he started after him. The adult entourage caught up every time fans — mostly teenage girls — mobbed Anthony for photos and autographs. One asked him to sign a book bag. Another screamed. Several shook.

To make it in Hollywood, it helps to appeal to the masses. To make it on YouTube, it helps to appeal to everyone else.

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