Making Your Record A Priority At Your Label


From Dotted Music:

Many musicians get themselves into trouble with record label executives because they think the only thing that’s important is the music itself, while the record label executives and their teams of Promo Reps have very little emotional investment in the songs they promote. From the label’s point of view, it’s the responsibility of the record label to find a way to sell the recording they invested in. The label may try to preserve the emotional investment their acts have in their songs as best they can, but they will stop at nothing when, for example, a promotional opportunity comes up that may be at odds with the image or ethics that the artist holds. If the label executives see a potential profit coming from some controversial promotion campaign, they will usually do what they can to take advantage of that marketing opportunity. At the same time, if the artist is creating such a nuisance to them that they sense a threat to their investment or even their egos, they may decide to cancel a promotion campaign at a moment’s notice. Take my word for it, if you’re perceived as a troublemaker by the label executives, or if they decide that your record shows no signs of being accepted at radio or by music retailers, then your recording contract may be about as valuable as a sheet of Kleenex.

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