The 10 Most Annoying Status Updates On Twitter And Facebook [STUDY]


From MediaBistro:

The study, undertaken by fitness e-commerce site, discovered that more than half (52 percent) of UK social networkers had decreased the amount of time they spend on social media sites because of irksome updates from friends and family – and 38 percent had quit at least one social site altogether.

Folks who continuously harp on about their gym regime or diets irritated 53 percent of poll respondents, which was good enough to finish well ahead of those (infuriating) people who share information about every meal.

Individuals who write “cryptic” status updates – and then tell you that they “don’t want to talk about it” when you follow up – finished third.

The 10 Most Irritating Social Media Status Updates

1. Boasting about diet/weight loss/exercise (53 percent of respondents didn’t like this)
2. Sharing pictures of meals (45 percent)
3. Cryptic status updates (42 percent)
4. Game inviters (37 percent)
5. Proud parents (36 percent)
6. People who share very personal details (32 percent)
7. Checker-inners (32 percent)
8. Event spammers (25 percent)
9. Constant engagers (22 percent)
10. Self-promoters (19 percent)

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