Kickstarter Reportedly Beats Indiegogo With Around 6X More Total Dollars Raised, Average Success Rate Much Higher


From Techcrunch:

Indiegogo seems to always play second fiddle to Kickstarter, despite the fact that it was on the crowdfund scene first, and now someone’s done the math to figure out exactly how the two compare. Freelancers working in the crowdfunding space Jonathan Lau and Edward Junprung scraped Indiegogo’s website to derive comparable numbers to those Kickstarter makes available free on its own website via its stats page, and the results are eye-opening.

Kickstarter has had over 110,000 campaigns run on its site according to its own data, while the scrape run by Lau and Junprung found about 44,000 campaigns total on Indiegogo. That number contrasts with the reported 142,301 that appears to be the last publicly available figure regarding total campaigns on Indiegogo, but the discrepancy is likely explained by the fact that Indiegogo delists campaigns that are unsuccessful and that raise fewer than $500, a practice which would skew data derived from a scrape vs. that taken from whole, internal values like those found on KS.

Indiegogo campaigns were found to have raised far fewer successful dollars than Indiegogo, with around $98 million total all-time, while Kickstarter had about six times that, or $612 million. Kickstarter has had 40 projects cross the $1 million threshold, with only 3 doing the same on Indiegogo, and Kickstarter’s average success rate is 44 percent, while Indiegogo’s is around 34 percent (which doesn’t take into account the many delisted projects that failed to raise at least $500. Including those delisted efforts, the previously reported 9.3 percent success rate on 142,301 total campaigns matches up nicely.

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