First customers already in line for new iPhones Apple has yet to announce

iPhone Line

Joe and Brian of Brooklyn, NY were first to queue up Thursday evening for Apple’s next iPhone.

From Apple Insider:

As of Friday afternoon, a total of four people could be seen waiting in line for Apple’s evolution in mobile computing, even though the company has yet to officially announce some basic, yet semi-critical details such as how much the device will cost and precisely when you’ll be able to walk out of a store with one.

Die-hards Joe and Brian — both local New Yorkers from Brooklyn — are currently first in line. They toldAppleInsider they checked the weather report before rolling up Thursday night and pitched their camping chairs, preparing for the long haul.

Both were adamant that they had no plans to skirt unspoken line-waiter law and therefore wouldn’t be taking turns holding down their fort or deviating from their spot — except when nature calls, that is.

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