Tips For Keeping Your Music Gear Safe On Tour


From Aristake:

I’ve learned a few things since the trumpet incident. 1. Obviously don’t leave your instruments in your car overnight – especially not on Franklin Ave in Minneapolis. and 2. State Farm is not like a good neighbor. Because my neighbor would have kicked that asshole’s ass before he got two steps away from my car.

Don’t Forget The Sheet
If you are on tour and aren’t touring with a van/trailer you may have to leave the majority of your equipment in your car. I now tour solo in a Highlander (SUV). I leave most of my equipment in the back (not my instruments or cash) BUT I cover everything with a giant, king size sheet. Criminals will look through windows and if they see something valuable they will smash and grab. If they don’t know what’s inside they most likely won’t take the risk.

Get An Alarm Or Bright Blinking Light
My Highlander is now equipped with a LOUD alarm system with a VERY BRIGHT blinking blue light. It’s another fantastic deterrent. Since I got the Highlander, it has never been broken into (knock on wood – please do that right now…for me).

Walls Are Your Friend
If you are touring with a van/trailer, make sure to back your trailer up to a wall so the back door can’t be opened. Also, get the strongest, most industrial pad lock they make. The absolute unbreakable kind. When I toured with a band, van/trailer style, ‘they’ attempted to cut our locks. But failed.

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