My Bloody Valentine frontman slams Mercury prize list

Kevin Shields on stage with My Bloody Valentine in Glasgow in March this year.

From The Guardian:

Kevin Shields has accused the Mercury prize of “banning” My Bloody Valentine from consideration for the award. The band’s frontman claims that mbv, their first album in 22 years, was left off the Mercury shortlist because the group bypassed corporate powers such as Apple, Amazon and record labels.

“Isn’t Mercury a phone company or something, anyway? What’s that got to do with music?” Shields said in an exclusive interview. “We’re banned by them, and do you know why? Because we’re not on Amazon or iTunes. That’s one of the qualifying criteria. You have to have major distribution or be on iTunes or Amazon.”

“We released our record, mbv, independently,” Shields said. My Bloody Valentine didn’t even rely on an indie label such as Domino or Alcopop! Records. “It’s interesting to learn that to be as independent as we are is … virtually illegal,” he said. “It’s not a real record. Our album’s not a real album because it’s independent. The corporate-ness has got to such a point where we’ve essentially been told that we don’t exist. So, technically, that album doesn’t exist. OK? It’s not allowed to exist according to the Mercury prize.”

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