Online, Mozart in Background Boosts Women’s Attractiveness


From PSMag:

Recently published research found a relationship between the type of music used on someone’s personal webpage and whether they are seen as attractive by the opposite sex. Men found women more attractive if classical music was playing in the background, but women found men better-looking if their webpage had a heavy-metal soundtrack.

The websites were randomly matched with two background-music soundtracks. One featured classical music, specifically one of the Songs Without Words by Felix Mendelssohn; the other featured the heavy metal song Lost in the Headlights.

The researchers created four versions of a personal website, which purportedly belonged to an undergraduate. Aside from the name of the page’s proprietor (either “Stephanie” or “James”) and the profile photo (placed in the upper left corner of the homepage), the sites were identical.

The results: “Male participants perceived the female website owner with classical background music as more attractive,” the researchers write, “while female participants perceived the male website owner with heavy metal background music as more attractive.” The heavy-metal guys and classical gals were also judged as more agreeable than those with the opposite pairing.

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