Here’s 10 yr old Anna Nardona vs 11 yr old Justin Randall (Timberlake) on Star Search 1993

“I loved the attention, the audiences, the applause,” remembers Anna Nardona, who was just 10 years old when she beat her opponent, an 11-year-old singer named Justin Randall.

Nardona now works at a preschool day-care center in Connecticut, while her Star Search competitor has since changed his name to Justin Timberlake, and joined a group called ‘N Sync.

Nardona was eventually knocked out of the competition by a cute 5-year-old, and she says that also knocked the wind out of her ambition to become a singing star.

“I was really embarrassed by it. And I lost it,” she said. “I didn’t lose my talent. I lost my interest. But I know deep down in my heart, I’m meant to sing.”

Via ABC News