Do Music Celebrity Endorsements Really Help Brands?

From Hypebot:

Building an online community has increasingly become a key focus for brands, in tandem with the world of social media growing in importance. These platforms are a veritable goldmine of opportunity for brands from L’Oreal to Lego, Dominos to Dell in reaching and establishing loyalty with consumers. Digital strategies vary from brand to brand, even from campaign to campaign within a brand, as marketers are looking to find the key to building their social reputation and presence. But how does music move the needle in all this?

Music has long been a factor in brand marketing, with celebrity endorsements and associations viewed as a mutually beneficial relationship. The formula is simple – we pay you money, you make your fans want to consume our product. Now major brands like American Express hosts sponsored live-streamed concerts, Diet Coke shares a behind-the-scenes of Taylor Swift’s commercial shoot on YouTube, Blackberry brings Alicia Keys on board as their global creative director. Measuring the impact this has for the brand is notoriously difficult, but looking at the social impact these partnerships have on the brand, the numbers indicate that brands do indeed benefit from these partnerships, in that their social reach increases.

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