Music marathons: artistic endurance tests for the fleet-fingered

From CBC:

The 2009 piano marathon by Chilly Gonzales is notable among the recent musical endurance trend.

Music isn’t usually associated with endurance, unless you live next door to someone learning to play the violin. It also isn’t usually about setting records for duration, unless you’re Jack White claiming to play the shortest concert ever. (One note, accompanied by cymbal crash, played in St. John’s in 2007. The Guinness Book of World Records apparently turned him down.)

Of course, if the aim is to build new audiences, some musicians in Surrey, B.C. may have figured out a novel method. The Surrey International World Music Marathon takes place Sunday — only in this case, no one will be playing piano until tendinitis sets in. As participants strive for the beatific state of runner’s high (or maybe just to make it across the finish line), they will be treated to 34 “performance stations,” where culturally diverse performers will entertain. It’s one way, perhaps, to make a marathon a little easier to endure.

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