So, Who’s Left On The Holdout List On iTunes? Here You Go…


Garth Brooks : He doesn’t like the single sale format and wants iTunes to sell his albums as they were recorded, in their entirety. Garth says, ”Let’s take ‘No Fences.’ For us, that has ‘Friends in Low Places and ‘(The) Thunder Rolls’ on it. But it also has a song called ‘Wolves’ on it that’s way too not commercial for radio but changes people’s lives when they hear it. Well, I think that’s important too. So the whole thing comes out as a piece, I want as a piece.” Price point is another issue, as Brooks doesn’t want to be told how much to charge for his music.

Kid Rock

Tool: The band doesn’t consider themselves to be a ‘singles’ group, so they’re not worried. Maynard Keenan has allowed music from his side-projects Puscifer and A Perfect Circle be sold through iTunes, though.

Bob Seger: Kinda, sorta. Bob has his “Greatest Hits,” his live albums, “Nine Tonight” and “Live Bullet,” and an “Early Seeger Volume 1” on there, but that’s it.

The Beatles

King Crimson: Robert Fripp, Crimson’s founder and leader, works on the band’s catalog by offering it on DVD in 5.1 surround sound and selling it and his solo work from his website.

Def Leppard: (Again, sorta…They released a live album and a special re-record “Hysteria” album for them in 2013.)