Doctor Who and The Beatles

The Doctor and his companions dance to the Beatles song “Ticket to Ride” playing on their Time-Space Visualiser.

From Wiki: “The Beatles were to have filmed an in-studio cameo for The Chase in which they played elderly versions of themselves, circa 1996, playing at the Festival of Ghana. Their manager, Brian Epstein, however, forbade this. Had this happened, it would have created an anachronism, given the early death of John Lennon.

Ironically, given the loss of many Doctor Who episodes due to the BBC’s policy of erasing old episodes, the clip of a live performance of the Beatles singing “Ticket to Ride” only survives because of its use in the first episode of The Chase. It originated in a 1965 Top of the Pops episodes which no longer exists in the BBC Archives. Because the production team for the story sourced the clips from this episode, this makes this the only known surviving footage of that performance known to exist.”