Rock of Ages: Taste in music DOES change over a lifetime


From The Daily Mail:

Plenty of teenagers might claim they will love One Direction forever or will never want to borrow a classical CD from their parents, but British scientists have found certain music genres are associated with five key stages in a human life.

Music stays important to people as they age but what they listen to is chosen to suit particular ‘life challenges’ they face and meet social and psychological needs, the researchers said.

They confirmed what may people have thought for a while – teenagers have little taste in music and what we listen to gets more boring as we grow older.
Researchers at Cambridge University have identified five broad categories of musical taste during a person’s life.

They believe humans use music to experiment with identity and define themselves and then as a social vehicle to establish a group and find a mate, before using it to express their intellect, status and greater emotional understanding.

The study suggests that unless people take the Who’s advice and die before they get old, their taste in music will probably change to meet their social and psychological needs.

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