21 Muppets Find a Much-Deserved Home at the Smithsonian

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Thanks to a donation from the Henson Foundation, on Tuesday, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, and 19 other Muppets and well-loved characters gained their rightful place in history, entering into the collection of the Smithsonian Museum. As Kermit would say—hi-ho!

There was a special ceremony to mark the Muppet’s induction yesterday, which would have been creator Jim Henson’s 77th birthday. Many of characters that will be permanently enshrined in the Washington, D.C. museum are the earliest of Henson’s puppets, so they look a little different from the ones you know and love today. Kermit wasn’t a frog yet, for example. And the earliest version of the Cookie Monster was chowing down on IBM computers—he hadn’t graduated to cookies yet. The early iteration of Grover is green. His blue coat came later.