Heavy Metal Yoga…A Great Way to Relax And…Wait…What?


From Metal Injection:

The Village Voice posted a piece earlier this week about BLACK YO)))GA, based out of Pittsburg. Black YO)))GA, obviously taking a cue from Urban Outfitters-favorites SunnO)) describes itself as “yoga set to drone, noise, stoner metal, ambient, industrial, trip-hop and other traditional meditation music.”

Writer Nick Keppler attended one of these sessions and described it as such:

The room is lit only by two tin can-shaped-and-sized lights sitting in corners they offer about as much illumination as a pair of Yankee jar candles. Kimee Massie, the heavily tattooed instructor, comes over to help me put a foam block under my ass. It gives me some leverage and I feel a greater stretch in my inner thighs, but I still look over again to see how far the woman on the neighboring mat has gotten. I squint and make out the words on her t-shirt: “Fuck This. I’m Going Skateboarding.”

Meanwhile, there is a dark, droning sound coming out of the stereo. Imagine the hiss that is omnipresent in David Lynch’s Eraserhead overlapped by the slow diddling of an autistic noise-rock guitarist. It’s oddly comforting in its non-invasiveness and consistency and I remember to inhale deeply.

As for how the music selection is picked out for the sessions:

The songs must share a few traits with the warm mood music and sitar jam sessions more common in yoga studio stereos: They have to be atmospheric and non-intrusive. Kimee doesn’t want anything rhythmic or loud enough to distract students from their poses.